Craft Supplies Clearance Sale

Today through Monday, July 28, you can save up to 75% off yarn, fabric, and project kits during Craftsy’s Summer Supplies Clearance sale!


Cake Decorating Books and Stuff

Once again I need to look busy while I’m consuming my morning caffeine, and I found myself  perusing amazon for cake decorating related stuff on sale. Here’s what I found.

Colette Peters has several cake decorating books, all with gorgeous glossy photos and instructions on how to make the projects. Cakes to Dream On is one of her books that I don’t own yet, and it’s currently 36% off the list price.

If cupcakes are your thing , you can pre-order Cupcake Envy now for just $11.21, that’s 25% off the list price.

If you would like for cupcakes to be your thing, or you know somebody who is interested in learning how to decorate cupcakes, this starter cupcake decorating kit from Autumn Carpenter would make a great gift and is also available to pre-order for $14.79, that’s 26% off.

I also found these 2 books for a great price on Kindle:

1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cakes

The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating

You don’t have to actually have a Kindle, by the way. If you get the free Kindle app, you can read Kindle books on your smart phone or tablet, which is nice.

Happy shopping and/or decorating!

Craftsy Flash Sale!

Check out the Creative Escape Flash Sale going on now at Craftsy! Today and tomorrow, save up to 50% on select classes, including (but not limited to):

In addition to cake decorating, they have classes on knitting, sewing, photography, painting, cooking, and more. Craftsy has pretty much has all creative pursuits covered, just pick your medium and method!


Flirty Aprons

For those who like to cook/bake/grill in style, or just don’t want to splash food and sauces on your clothes, Flirty Aprons is having an "irregular" sale. And no, it has nothing to do with needing to eat more yogurt. These are aprons with very slight imperfections—a seam that’s maybe not so straight or something—for seriously low prices. 

Click here to see all the irregulars up for grabs.

Also, you can save 30% on regular items (those not already on sale) with coupon code SUMMER30 now through July 31, 2014. 

These make great gifts, by the way!

Shopping for cake stuff…

I’ve been browsing again and found some more cake decorating stuff on sale (and eligible for prime).

First up is this 12-cavity cookie pan of novelty shapes suitable for summer get-togethers, kids’ parties, and baby showers. It’s currently 35% off at $12.50.

Next is this mini bear pan, a steal at only $9.00 (almost 60% off).

If you’re just getting started with cake decorating and don’t have many supplies or tools, check out this kit. It’s normally priced at around $100 but is currently on sale for just $63.15.

For those looking to get into working with rolled fondant, here’s a starter pack of cutters and modeling tools at a good price, even though it’s not on sale.

Professional grade cake decorating turntables are expensive, but if you don’t mind the green base color, this one is a great deal at just $36.72.

Oh, and if cakes aren’t your thing but reading is, check out the Kindle Fire sale!

Nicholas Lodge Class Info


Nicholas Lodge Class Info

Chef Nicholas Lodge will be returning to Tennessee in the spring of 2015. He will be teaching a combination of New Trend, Wedding and Celebration Flowers using gumpaste, an edible sugar medium. Class registration will begin immediately and class size will be limited in order to facilitate more one-on-one instruction.

Chef Lodge will be teaching the following flowers: Love-In-A-Mist, Amaryllis,…

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Decent Prices on Wilton “Decorate Smart” Tools

This morning I’ve been looking at rolled fondant cake decorating tools that are on sale at and eligible for “Prime” free shipping, and I see that the improved Wilton ribbon cutter tool is only $19.31. It’s regularly $29.99, so that saves you a little over $10, and this one is MUCH easier to use than the older version (which only costs $10.93, but I’d spring for the better one).

I have video reviews posted for both of the ribbon cutter tools on my YouTube channel, if you’d like to see the difference. Click here to see the old ribbon cutter video, and click here to see the new ribbon cutter video (which is actually over 2 years old).

Also on sale is the rolled fondant pattern embosser set for half price! I used this tool in some of my videos, like the gift package cake, to emboss a texture/design on rolled fondant.

The next tool worth mentioning is the Fondant Detail Embosser, currently only $9.69, which is 40% off. This handy gadget will imprint 6 differnt designs on rolled fondant/gum paste, including stitches, dots, beads, and zigzags. Click here to watch my video tour of this tool.

And for anyone new to cake decorating, the Buttercream Decorating Set has all you need to get started, except for maybe a Deluxe Practice Board. But over 45 cake decorating tools and supplies come neatly packaged in a cool storage caddy. If you already have a nice selection of cake stuff but no way to organize it, you can order an empty tool caddy.

Finally, for those with a more generous budget, and a LOT of cake decorating supplies to keep organized, the Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy is currently priced at 22% off. Please note that the caddy doesn’t come with the items pictured. I think that’s just to show us how much stuff the thing can hold.

Okay, well since I’ve finished my cup of tea I guess it’s time for me to get busy doing stuff and not peruse amazon looking for deals on items I don’t need (and/or can’t afford).

Happy shopping!

Amazon Deals

Often when I have laundry or other mundane domestic tasks looming before me I procrastinate by shopping online for things I don’t need. Because it’s important for me to let anyone who may need this stuff know it’s on sale, right?!

So here are some deals that got my attention as I was sipping my morning tea, trying to look busy:

For the cake pop fans who don’t want to spend their whole day making hundreds of the precious things when all they really need is a quick dozen, the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker is currently half price!


Also, no rolling of cake ball mixture required, so this cuts out a few steps, not to mention reducing the mess.

Next up we have some tip sets. As in piping tips. I have a whole video series on cake decorating piping techniques, you know, and the Wilton Deluxe Practice Board I use in those videos is still on sale for 25% off, which is handy.

But you need tips (and piping bags) to use it, so…

The Wilton Master Cake Decorating Tip set comes in a sturdy tip storage case, includes 55 tips, 2 couplers and 2 flower nails, and is currently on sale for 40% off.


Ateco is a brand a lot of professionals use, as their products are heavy-duty and last for ages. Their piping tip set includes 55 tips, flower nails, and instructions, but you only get 1 coupler.


For those who don’t need 50+ different piping tips and/or don’t want to spend a lot of money, this budget-friendly set is only $6.82 and includes 24 popular tips in a plastic case.


Lastly, now would be a great time to get some plunger cutters. This collection of 10 sets (33 pieces total) is a steal at only $8.70 and includes leaves, butterflies, blossoms, daisies, and more in various sizes.


"Pick Your Price" Promotion on Craftsy

Craftsy is having a sale on popular online classes today and tomorrow!

Once you buy a class, it’s yours to watch over and over as much as you like, so now is a great time to sign up for the Fondant Animals cake toppers class or Wilton’s Piped Flowers. They’re only $19.99!

Click here to check out all the classes in this sale.


Need Promo Swag?

If so, take advantage of the current coupon code: TEAMS20 now until July 4th. Choose from their designs, or create your own mugs, aprons, tote bags, hoodies, etc.

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